You've got Questions...How do I grow my email list? We've got Answers...

Lead Magnet Funnel

It’s important for your business to grow your email list.

The best way to do that is by offering a lead magnet (freebie, whatever you want to call it) in exchange for someone’s name and email address. Sure, sounds simple enough, but then you think:

How do they sign up?
Where do they sign up?
How do they get the lead magnet?
What else should I be doing?

The better question is…Why are YOU worrying about how to do ALL THE THINGS?
With my TKO LEAD MAGNET FUNNEL VIP DAY I’ll handle setting everything up, leaving you the time to focus on your clients and building your business.

During the VIP Day, I’ll take your already created lead magnet and email nurture series copy and build everything out for you on the backend. This includes:

  • Create an Opt-in Page (Landing Page/Permission Page) as a hidden page on your website
  • Create a Thank You Page (Fulfillment Page) as a hidden page on your website
  • Upload your Lead Magnet to your website library to be downloaded directly from you Thank You Page
  • Load your 3-5 Email Nurture Series into Kajabi or the CRM connected to your WordPress site (this includes creating branded emails with appropriate automations, tags, lists)
  • Ensure Email Deliverability by updating your DNS record
  • Post VIP Day Support for 30 days where I will provide how-to videos

Does this all sound good to you? Here's how we can get started.

We’ll start with a Discovery Call

During this call, we’ll review the process, discuss the expectations, and review your existing lead magnet and email series. (And if you don’t have those things yet, I am happy to connect you to people who can help.)

Next is some Prep Work

I will provide you with a document that breaks down everything I will need to build your Lead Magnet Funnel in a day. This will be at least two weeks prior to your VIP Day.

I’ll collect things like various log-in information, best way to reach you, file locations, some text for your pages, and your branding information.


This is YOUR DAY! I have blocked my entire day, just for you! So, grab a cup of coffee and do the things you WANT to do for your business.

All I need from you is for you to be available (via your preferred method of communication) for any questions that may arise, and to review the web pages as I send them to you.

At the end of the day, you will have your Lead Magnet Funnel and can start building your email list.

Post VIP Day 30 Days of Support

When your day is over, we move into 30 days of post-launch support. This is your chance to review the emails in detail, and make sure everything looks/works the way you were expecting.

To empower you to easily make minor changes to your funnel, during these 30 days, I will not make any additional edits to your funnel Instead, I will provide how-to videos to answer questions you have and demo how to edit your lead magnet funnel.

Once your support period is over, you may choose to continue to work with me for other tech related issues. At that time we can assess what you need for support and I will create a custom tech support package/quote.

Are you ready to get your Lead Magnet out there ?

Let’s jump on a quick 30-minute discovery call

Payment/Deposit is required to book your day.

You provide the files and information requested

Your day is here! I ask for you to be available for questions/review

Lead Magnet is done and your 30-days of support begins

Lead Magnet Funnel VIP DAY

Special Pricing
$397 $297
  • Full Payment Reserves Your Day
  • You Can Reschedule Up To Two Times